Jewelry Appraisal Certification:

Jewelry Appraisal Portfolio

A full appraisal on any item of jewelry, including item description, diamond grading, colored stone identification and grading, digital photo, and value. This report is ideal for insurance purposes, and can be issued with complete customer information.

Jewelry Appraisal Data Card

Appraisals are available in a passport-sized paper certificate or credit-card sized plastic data card.

Available upon request:

  • Diamond Plotting

    A representative image of your diamond which shows the inclusions within the diamond

  • Firetrace

    FireTrace predicts the light reflecting properties of a diamond, with three properties meaured: brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation

  • Fluorescence Check

    Indication of level of fluorescene when diamond is viewed under long-wave ultraviolet light. For identification purposes.

  • Polish & Symmetry

    Assessment of smoothness of surface of diamond and facet arrangement