ISO 9001 Registered

Each GS Laboratories branch is fully and independently ISO 9001 registered. ISO registration is the most internationally recognized standard for quality. In 2001, GS Laboratories’ Toronto branch became the first gemological laboratory in North America to receive an ISO 9001 registration. In 2004, GSL Dallas received its ISO 9001 registration, and GSL Mumbai and Chennai qualified for registration in 2007.

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard administered by the International Organization for Standardization. A company that is ISO 9001 registered has committed itself to adhering to the highest standards that govern its industry, and is able to compete with competitors from around the world.

In order to qualify for this internationally recognized and highly respected registration, a company must record the policies and procedures that are instrumental in producing and delivering their products and services consistently against customers’ requirements. The company must demonstrate that it has addressed all areas of the standard and has documented procedures to ensure each area is monitored and controlled. A third party Quality Registrar is required to conduct on-site reviews and assess the company on a yearly basis. The company must also qualify for re-registration every three years. Each GSL office conducts internal audits regularly, to ensure standards are being met and exceeded.

ISO registration further demonstrates GS Laboratories’ commitment to quality and excellence. Being ISO registered means that GS Laboratories has met a demanding international standard and is able to compete with the top labs in the world.